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Meet liblab at APIWorld - In person, Santa Clara, CA Oct 24-26, online Oct 31-Nov 2

liblab is excited to be sponsoring APIWorld 2023 where you can join thousands of global technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives at the world’s largest and longest-running API & microservices event – in its 11th year!

The API world logo

This conference is running in-person at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and online a week later. We will be there, both in person and online, so come and meet us and learn about how liblab can generate better SDKs for your APIs!

Get a free SDK

liblab is currently in beta, but if you want to skip the queue and get early access, talk to us at APIWorld. We'll be granting early access to everyone at the event.

We'll also be on hand to review API specs, and generate a high quality, human readable SDK for your API. You can then see how your developer experience is improved by a good SDK. Just leave us your email address and a link to your API spec at our booth, and we'll send you a copy of your SDK.

Learn from our experts

On our booth you will find some of the worlds finest (in our opinion) OpenAPI experts, who will be able to discuss your API and help you to produce the best API spec possible that will allow you to quickly generate high quality SDKs. We can talk you through some common problems, as well as best practices for API design. If you want a sneak preview of our expertise, check out our why your OpenAPI spec sucks post from Sharon Pikovski.

We also want to learn from you! We'll give you the chance to vote on your favorite SDK languages, and share your stories of the best and worst SDKs you've used. If you're up for it we'd love to share your tales on our YouTube channel.

I'll also be giving a demo-heavy session called From APIs to SDKs: Elevating your Developer Experience with automated SDK generation where I will talk through why SDKs are better for your customers than accessing APIs directly (yup, they really are). I'll also show how you can automate the process of generating SDKs by integrating liblab into your CI/CD pipelines. There will be plenty of code on show and resources to help you re-create the demos yourself. I'll be speaking on Thursday 26th October at 2:30pm in the Expo Hall.

A picture of Jim on a stage at a conference standing next to a podium with a laptop on it. Jim is wearing a black t-shirt and is working on the laptop

More details on the APIWorld session page.

Meet the team

We are busy preparing for our presence in the expo hall at the event. Literally - half of my home office is full of booth bits 😁. We'll be there to talk APIs and SDKs, with a load of demos showing how you can use liblab to quickly generate SDKs, and implement this SDK generation into your CI/CD pipelines.

As expected, we'll have some swag to give away - in our case, edible swag! I'm personally not a fan of a lot of conference swag, we all have our fill of cheap pens, USB cables that break, notebooks, and terrible mugs, and a lot of this ends up in landfill. To be more sustainable, we'd rather give you something that leaves a more pleasant taste in your mouth, literally. Come and see us to find out more!

We'll also have some stickers, after all, who doesn't love stickers?

2 liblab stickers on a wooden table. One has the liblab logo, a simple line drawn llama face with curly braces for the side of the head, and, the other has a version of the liblab llama logo with hearts for eyes and the caption love your SDK

We'll be available on a virtual booth during the online event, so if you can't make it to Santa Clara, you can still come and meet us online. No stickers or edible swag at the virtual event though, sorry!

Meet the llama

You may also get the chance to meet a real life* llama 🦙. Snap a pic with our llama and tweet it with the hashtag #liblabLlama and tag @liblaber to get a special sticker!

A sticker with a llama mascot and the text I met the liblab llama

* This is not actually true, it's Sean in a llama costume.

See you there - on us!

We have a number of open tickets to give away for the in-person and virtual events with access to the expo hall and some of the sessions. If you want to come meet us, then sign up for our beta and we'll send you a ticket. We'll be giving away tickets on a first come, first served basis, so don't delay!

Otherwise, head to to get your tickets now. We can't wait to meet you!