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Meet the liblab Llama at the API World Summit in Austin, TX on March 11-13

This year, we will be sponsoring the Nordic APIs Summit in Austin, TX on March 11-13. We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing our latest SDK generator.

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Why stop by?

So why should you attend and stop by the liblab booth? Here are a few reasons:

Meet the liblabers

First of all, our booth will be packed with our top Engineers (friendly, too) demoing how to save developers time and effort by generating SDKs for your APIs in your own language. Coding and conversation language 🙂

A group of people posing for a selfie wearing liblab shirts standing in a carpark. 2 of the team are wearing sunglasses, and another is making a peace sign

See the 1-minute demo

Hear about our product updates and new features to help with documentation and API specs. We know it's a pain. We will demo how painful it can be and how we can reduce your pain. Worth your visit.

Visual Studio Code showing some code using a llama store SDK in Python

Snap a photo with liblab's Llama

Let's be honest: the best part of our booth is a 7-foot Llama. Snap a pic with our llama, tweet it with the hashtag #liblabLlama and tag @liblaber to get a special sticker!

A group of people wearing liblab love your SDK shirts posing with a large llama mascot also wearing the same shirt. Behind the group is the liblab booth from API world

More from liblab:

Hear us on stage, and if it's anything like the last event we attended, you'll even get to do some stretching exercises with us. We're not kidding.

Jim on a stage presenting with his arms outstretched, and the audience also stretching their arms

We will be hosting 3 sessions:

  • Build a terrible API for people you hate - 12th March, 1:10PM, API design technical track

    We've all been there - you've been asked to build an API to be used by someone you really dislike. Maybe it's the person who keep stealing your milk from the company kitchen, or the one who asks long winding questions just as the 5pm Friday meeting is about to end. It's someone who annoys you, and you have to build them an API.

    So malicious compliance time! You have to build them an API, but no-one said it has to be good. Here's your chance to get revenge on this person by building the Worst. API. Ever. This session will show you how, covering some of the nastiest ways to create an API that is terrible to use. From lack of discoverability, to inconsistent naming, this session will have it all!

    And maybe if you have to create an API for someone you love, this might give you some pointers as to what not to do...

  • From APIs to SDKs: Elevating Your Developer Experience With Automated SDK Generation - 12th March, 2:50PM, Developer experience technical track

    APIs are everywhere and are a great way for developers to access your service. But not all developers want to access APIs directly. Most want to use SDKs in their preferred programming language using the tools they already know and use everyday. These not only feel more intuitive to a developer, but bring features like type safety, documentation, and code completion.

    In this demo-heavy session, Jim will compare APIs and SDKs and show just how much a well crafted SDK can improve the developer experience. Releasing changes to your customer quickly is something every development team strives for, so Jim will go on to show you how this process can be automated, including in your CI/CD pipelines so that every API change can be released as an SDK as soon as possible with minimal engineering effort.

    By the end of this session you will have a new appreciation for SDKs and understand that creating and maintaining these does not have to be burdensome. You'll be ready to automate this process yourself and improve your own APIs developer experience.

  • 3 Quick Steps to Generate SDKs for Your APIs - 13th March, 10:10AM, Demos and lightning talks

    Learn how to generate SDKs for your APIs in 3 quick steps using liblab.

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