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MagicBell increases developer productivity by 29% by auto-generating SDKs with liblab

MagicBell is on a mission to empower all product teams to build a relevant notification experience for their users. They do this by making integration with their API easy, via their SDKs and developer documentation. It wasn’t until they came across liblab that they realized they could dedicate far fewer resources (29%) and still provide world-class SDKs to all their customers.

Hana Mohan - CEO, MagicBell
"After trying a few different generators, we found liblab to be the most promising due to their superior code quality. The liblab team even helped us write customizations enabled by their solution to provide a more elegant solution than we had hoped for."
Hana Mohan - CEO, MagicBell

By using liblab, MagicBell:

  • Produced SDKs across 4 languages for their upcoming V2 API launch
  • Enhanced their existing API reference documentation with SDK code snippets
  • Started leveraging SDKs internally to enhance developer productivity

From very early on MagicBell invested in SDKs for its API, knowing that providing a great developer experience when integrating with its API was crucial for its business to succeed. Because of this, MagicBell has always been at the forefront of providing great API reference documentation and SDKs to their customers.

However, this was not without great cost. With a lean engineering organization, providing these SDKs and API documentation took up significant capacity from their devs, diluting the time they could focus on their core product. Luckily Hana, MagicBell’s CEO came across an article from a well-known developer organization in Europe that had a list of different API generators that could potentially give MagicBell’s developer team its precious time back.

After trying several of the options listed in the article, Hana asked her team to try out liblab as it seemed the most promising. Not only did liblab’s proof of concept with the team prove to be fruitful, but it’s customizations encouraged them to simplify their authentication process. As a result, MagicBell was able to take back the time it once spent on building and maintaining SDKs, improving its developer productivity by 29%

Why MagicBell Chose liblab

  • SDK Code Quality - Completely Idiomatic, with low code dependencies; “The SDKs look handwritten by a developer who spent time and really knew what they were doing”
  • Enhanced API Documentation - They not only automate SDKs but also provide code snippets from them that can be embedded in your API reference documentation.
  • Customization - Leveraging hooks & configuration files allows endless customization possibilities, ensuring the solution works for the specific use case without compromise
  • Strategic Partnership - liblab invests time in its partners, leveraging its expertise to help them design the developer experience they want to provide to their end users

If your organization is investing a significant amount of time maintaining and updating SDKs to provide an amazing developer experience for your customers, consider partnering with liblab. You’ll be able to focus more of your developer's time back on your core product, improving their productivity.

Our expertise in SDK generation, and automating code snippets into documentation can help you achieve a seamless and efficient development workflow. Contact us today.