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CELITECH leverages liblab to reduce development cost by 50% in providing SDKs for their API

CELITECH provides the world’s first digital-only cellular data platform, via their proprietary programmable eSIM. To bring this technology to travel-related businesses such as Kayak and Expedia, they provide an external RESTful API and developer documentation. CELITECH also wanted to provide SDKs for their API to simplify and speed up integrations. But they had concerns that building and maintaining SDK would require a large investment in developer time. Until they were introduced to liblab, which enabled them to generate SDKs across 4 languages, enhance their documentation with code snippets, and save CELITECH 50% in development cost.

Al Fares - CEO, Celitech
"We knew we wanted to provide SDKs for our API to shorten & simplify the integration process, but as a lean team didn’t have the capacity to build them. Partnering with liblab was key to unlocking our ability to provide SDKs to our customers!"
Al Fares - CEO, Celitech

By using liblab, CELITECH:

  • Produced SDKs across 4 languages (saving them 50% in development cost)
  • Enhanced their existing API reference documentation with SDK code snippets
  • Offered SDKs to their customers to simplify & speed up integration with their API

As CELITECH established its core offering and started to gain more traction with customers, they realized an obstacle to faster growth lay in how quickly it could onboard customers to their API. Despite providing developer documentation and a RESTful API, the onboarding process was relatively slow. After some additional due diligence though, they identified the ideal solution - idiomatic SDKs in the languages their customers were most familiar with for their API.

The problem with writing idiomatic SDKs, is they require expertise in house for each of the languages you want to offer SDKs in, and also require a lot of time building and maintaining the SDKs. While CELITECH knew they needed to provide SDKs to reduce onboarding time, their dev team was fully occupied with a growing product pipeline and didn’t have the capacity to execute such a large endeavor.

Then they came across liblab at a conference and realized they didn’t need more capacity to provide SDKs to their partners, they needed someone who could help them automate building and maintaining SDKs. Ultimately CELITECH chose to partner with liblab, enabling them to provide SDKs across 4 languages to their customers and saving them 50% in development costs while doing so. To understand why Celitech chose liblab, see the benefits below.

Why Celitech Chose Liblab

  • SDK Code Quality - Completely Idiomatic, with low code dependencies; “The SDKs look handwritten by a developer who spent time and really knew what they were doing”
  • Enhanced API Documentation - They not only automate SDKs but also provide code snippets from them that can be embedded in your API reference documentation.
  • Consistent Developer Experience - By automating SDK builds it keeps the API, SDKs, and documentation consistent even as the API changes.
  • Streamlined Development & Publication - By leveraging CI/CD and Github actions, the entire build through package manager publication process becomes automatic
  • Customization - Leveraging hooks & configuration files allows endless customization possibilities, ensuring the solution works for the specific use case without compromise
  • Strategic Partners - liblab invests time in its partners, leveraging its expertise to help them design the developer experience they want to provide to their end users

If your organization doesn’t have the capacity to build and maintain SDKs for your API but you want to provide an amazing developer experience to your customers while reducing development costs, consider partnering with liblab.

Our expertise in SDK generation, and automating code snippets into documentation can help you achieve a seamless and efficient development workflow. Contact us today.